An eternal smile

What is Sislident ?

We are a set of health corps formed mainly by doctors in Istanbul Turkey. Our vision is long-term, our main mission is to design a smile that is as healthy as it is beautiful for eternity.
Dr.Sinan Çelepeloğlu
Hollywood smile designer
Dr.Kadir Coşkun
Hollywood smile designer
Dr.Taha Göktaş
Experienced corp medical
Dr.Sinan Çelepeloğlu
Hollywood smile designer
Dr.Kadir Coşkun
Hollywood smile designer
Dr.Taha Göktaş
Experienced corp medical

Why should i treat my teeth at Sislident ?

We share with our patients all the details related to their treatment and make the best treatments in function of their needs
High Quality Rates
92% of satisfaction rate from thousand patients
Affordable prices
To make sure everybody can be treated, we made one of the most affordable prices in Europe.
Profissional and Experienced
In addition to our approach: one doctor one specialty, several doctors at our clinic exceed 20 years of experience making them real experts in their fields
100% Suitable for international patients
We know very well what patients like you from abroad need here, so we put you in the best possible conditions.
World stand materials
all our materials and devices are updated every year

What our patients say about us

4.5 out of 5.0
84 customers reviews
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

Hafida M

Super clinique, je viens de France ils ont su me rassurer du début à la fin. Ils sont très professionnel la clinique est composée de plusieurs dentistes une équipe complète s occupé de vous. Je recommande fortement. Ils sont pro jusqu au dernier rdv. Je suis ravie du résultat. Et un un remerciement spécial à Sam

Investa Time

Wonderful Doctors, Amazing results

Jamal Kayali

I had my treatment there , Very PROFESSIONAL, they are the best in Istanbul   🌺

James Wilson

First of all, I would like to thank the whole team for everything, I am lucky that I met my first dentist, Adila , All my fears and worries are over.  Let alone during the treatment, there was no sensitivity even after.  I would like to thank my Doctor adila, who does her job with such love.  Yours sincerely

Jake Cameron

Number one in dental aesthetics. It's an amazing clinic that I can reach instantly when there is a problem.

Sarah bel

Très bonne clinique j'ai été conseillée par une personne pour ma mère qui devait refaire l'intégralité de sa bouche. Elle est très satisfaite le rendu est très beau et naturel. J'ai également fait un blanchiment dentaire au top. Je recommande!

Ismail Kornassan

The work skills and results are very satisfactory, and the service and treatment are very pleasant.  The specialist doctor, the supervising doctor, the medical staff and the work team are friendly, courteous and very helpful .. I would recommend this center strongly with my warm regards ..The photographer Ismail 🌹

Karim Sebaa

C’est super bien passer ,sérieux personnel dentistes avec beaucoup de professionnalisme je vous le conseil les yeux fermés. Les interprètes toujours à disposition allez y

Omar Meresh

Very experience dentists know what they're doing. Excellent order and time management. All staff know what to do. Very good value for money too compared to other dentists.

Amina Errabbaj

Là meilleur clinique franchement  c ‘est un équipe professionnelle ils sont à l écoute de leur patient. grâce à eux j’ai obtenu le résultat de mes rêve je leur remercie bcp foncez je vous conseille fortement  cette clinique. Vraiment content de résultat une cabinet aussi propre leur matériel à chaque utilisation sont désinfecter le café et le thé à votre service

When "health meets art"

We help many patients everyday by improving their life quality

What we do?

Patient had many gaps before he came to us.We made implants and then crowns to get a healthy and brighter smile

What we do?

Same for this patient he had many problems with his dentures, came here to istanbul within 2 sessions we made this fantastic fixed and beautiful new set of teeth

What we do?

She came as well for implants but the difference with the previous ones is that she wanted to go with naturel not too white teeth for a 100% natural look

What we do?

After many years of losing teeth, bone is also lost, so we first did bone grafts and implants after 4 months zircon bridges for this patient

What we do?

She came all the way from Australia because her old crowns were not seen natural teeth and now she turned back extremely happy.

What we do?

within one week we could release him from all his dental problems he had such as the diastema (space between teeth )

Wich patiens we cant help

If you are young and have healthy teeth we can't make crowns and damage your teeth
We don't take young patients under 18 years old to make any cosmetic treatment
We don't make an Esthetical treatments over a Fonctional and healthy diagnostics

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From a friend's advice to a beautiful smile, one of our patient who changed her life with us.
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